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Boob JobWelcome to where you can find out about having a Boob Job, from the pros and cons of surgery, the costs of having surgery and what alternatives are available to you if you feel surgery is not the right option for you.

Having a Boob Job is one of the most common elective surgeries performed today. This increases the size of the breast with an implant made either of silicone or saline. Surgery has to be performed in order for this to happen, which normally takes a few hours to perform.

The recovery process is several months and once it’s over the breasts will be permanently enlarged. Women can choose how large their breasts are, which makes this a very personal surgery.

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What Methods are Used to Perform Boob Jobs?

The most common way this surgery is performed is by the surgeon cutting open the nipple area on the breast. From here, an empty implant is put into the tissue and then it is pumped full of the enhancement solution. Once the chosen size has been accomplished, the surgeon will close off the implant and stitch the nipple back onto the breast.

This is something that is generally done for women who don’t have a lot of breast tissue, because it decreases chances of stretch marks developing.

The next common method is for surgeons to cut the area under the boobs and put in an already-filled implant. This is done on the underside of the boob because it minimizes chances of scars appearing and helps quicken the recovery period.

After this is done, stitches are used to close up the incision area. The surgeon will perform one and then the other and then ensure both are even before finishing up the surgery.

Fat transfer is another method that is being done because it’s said to be safer than typical implant. When surgeons do this, they liposuction fat from other parts of the body and then inject it into the breasts.

This is a great option for women who don’t want implants, but the body doesn’t always accept the fat transfer. It’s used to increase bust size, but also to even out breasts for women that don’t like differences between their left and right breasts.

What Materials are Available for Boob Jobs?

Saline vs. silicone is a debate that has been going on for quite some time in the boob job world. Some women prefer one to the other while some surgeons will only use one type. Saline implants are filled with salt water and inserted into the breast tissue while they are still empty. These are then filled until they are the appropriate size, and then closed up to complete the boob job.

Silicone implants are those that are put into the breast already filled with silicone gel. The size is pre-determined by the patient and what size breasts they wish to have. They can look at various sizes in their surgeon’s office to get a good idea of which size they think is best for their body type. This tends to feel the most natural because the silicone is similar to human fat, which is what is found inside of natural breasts.

How Safe are Boob Jobs?

The surgery process has come a long way from what it once does, making breast enhancement a very safe procedure. Of course there are always risks with elective surgery, so nothing is 100% guaranteed to be safe. This is a surgery that is performed millions of times per year all over the world. The safety precautions doctors in the U.S. take make it very safe and relatively low in risks.

What are the Risks to going through with a Boob Job?

Boob JobsThe risks of a boob job will vary based on the individual, their medical history, their body, the type of implant they choose and many other factors. The biggest risks include: breast pain, scar tissue distorting the breast shape, nipple sensation being change, ruptured implants, leaking implants and infection.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provide in depth information about the risks that surgery gives when having a Boob Job.

What is the Recovery Period after a boob Job?

The first phase of the recovery period is two weeks. This is when big movements and a lot of physical activity are severely restricted. After this period is over, the boobs may still be sensitive, but they should generally be feeling fine.

It can take around two months for the scars to heal, but the boobs should not need any further attention after the first few weeks are over. Following the surgeon’s directions for after-care can result in healing more quickly and without a lot of pain.

Will Scars Appear After Surgical Boob Job Enhancement?

Because there is an incision put into the body, there will generally be a small scar left over from the surgery. Most of the time this will not be noticeable, especially as surgeons place incisions in areas where most people won’t look.

Following the doctor’s care instructions and eating a healthy diet can result in minimizing your risk of developing scars after a boob job. Also, some younger patients may not end up with scars simply due to the fact that their skin is resilient.

Boob Jobs

Why do Women have Boob Jobs?

  • The biggest reason why women have this surgery today is because of body image and self-confidence. Women who aren’t happy with their breast size will increase it so that they feel more feminine and comfortable in clothing.
  • Many women also have this surgery because they have been affected by breast cancer. Women who have a mastectomy choose this because they want to restore their breasts to their original size and shape.
  • Having children can also take a toll on a woman’s body. Many mothers choose to get a boob job to restore their breasts and fill them out. This can reverse sagging or smaller breasts that are often a result of having kids. Read about a mother of three and her experience of getting a boob job.


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