Breast Enlargements in Australia

Boob Jobs in AustraliaWomen in Australia seek breast augmentation for a wide range of reasons. The most common is for self-confidence, but it may also be for restoring reasons after having children. There are also women who get breast enhancement after they have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer. In addition to this, there are a lot of women who get this surgery because they are depressed by the way their body looks.

How Much do Boob Jobs in Australia Cost?

The costs of boob jobs in Australia vary, depending on the type of procedure that is required for each individual. On average you would expect to part with $8,000 to $12,500. The factors that will affect this price are: location in Australia, doctor’s fees, specialty needs, anaesthesia, after care, type of implant and many others. Generally breast enhancements are more expensive in Australia than they are throughout the rest of the world due to the higher cost of living. To get more information about the cost of this surgery, visit here.

Are Boob Jobs Free in Australia? If Not, What are the Options?

Boob jobs are generally not free in Australia, unless someone was to win a contest or find a great deal through a promotion. Individuals who want to get this type of surgery can pay for it with their own cash or finance it through either credit cards or loans. There are a lot of payment options that most surgeons will allow so that they can accommodate all of their patients as best as possible.

What Techniques are Used for Breast Enhancement?

If you want to get the most traditional form of breast enhancement, implants are what you’re looking for. Silicone or saline are your options and both are deemed as safe to use. They do carry risks due to being foreign objects that will be permanently placed inside of your body. These are implanted into the breast tissue with an incision that is generally made on the bottom side of the breast or through the nipple. The incision area will depend on the patient’s body and what the doctor think is best for scarring.

If you want to use a new procedure, fat transfers in Australia are gaining in popularity. This is when the surgeon will use liposuction fat from another area, like the stomach or buttocks, and inject it into the breasts. This is becoming more of a common procedure, although it’s not seen as much as implants are. The scarring from this is generally minimal and most people heal quickly.

Will Private Health Care Pay for Boob Jobs in Australia?

Generally, no; because boob jobs in Australia are normally elective and not related to health, they are not covered by health insurance. The only exception is that some insurance companies will cover the surgery based on certain illnesses. For example, a woman who has to get a mastectomy because of breast cancer may be eligible to get an augmentation. There are also some insurance policies that will cover the surgery for women who are suffering from depression due to their breasts not being the size that they want.

What’s the Average Age of Women Who Get Boob Jobs in Australia?

Because there are so many women who get this done on a yearly basis, there is no average age. However, only women ages 18 or over can consent to surgery, unless their guardian agrees.

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