Having a Boob Job in the USA

Boob Jobs in USAMillions of women get breast enhancement surgery around the world, but the majority of them happen in the United States. This surgery is performed for a wide variety of reasons, including: self-esteem issues, getting older, mastectomy, pregnancy and more. Each and every woman has an individual reason for wanting to have this done, whether she’s 18 or 50!

What is the Average Cost of Boob Jobs in the USA?

The average cost of breast augmentation is $7,000, but this varies based on a lot of different things. For example, your individual medical history as well as what types of implants you choose will affect the pricing. One other thing that will really affect the cost is where you live. Boob jobs done in New York City or Beverly Hills are going to cost you $12,000 or more, just because the cost of living in these areas is so expensive. If you were to go and get the same boob job done in Iowa or North Dakota, you would probably pay around $6,000.

Are the Procedures in Each States the Same?

There are legal restrictions that determine what technologies doctors can use to perform this surgery. Each and every state has different laws, but generally you’re going to see the same options everywhere you go. The main differences you might see are the types of machines that are used, which just depend on the doctor and their budget.

You should also keep in mind that if you find a doctor that is testing a new form of breast enhancement, you might want to wait. When these options are in their testing phases they can be very dangerous for the patient. For example, laser breast augmentation was becoming popular in the United States, but it quickly was shunned because patients found it ineffective and painful.

The procedure options you’re going to see throughout the United States are: saline breast implants, silicone breast implants and fat transfers. Not all surgeons offer fat transfers, it just depends on their expertise and experience. Silicone and saline have been around for the longest and are generally thought of as the safest of all the options. More procedure information can be found at Wikipedia.

Are Boob Jobs in the US Free for Medical Reasons?

Health care in the United States is not free, especially for an elective surgery like a boob job. The only possible way this would be covered is if an insurance company was to pay for it. The general exception for most insurance companies is with patients who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer. There are other exceptions, but these are extremely rare to come across. There are a lot of different companies and plans out there, so restrictions and coverage will vary. As this procedure is a discretionary one, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

What is the Average Age of Women Who Have Boob Jobs in the U.S?

34 is the average age of women who have this procedure done in the United States. Women who are 18 or older are able to consent to surgery and girls younger than that can as well, if they have the permission from their guardian.

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