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An alternative option for the those wishing to keep any breast enhancement an external body affair, as you might be wanting to avoid ingesting anything that might not be approved by the FDA (or equivalent in your perspective country) would be a cream based solution that has been shown to firm and lift your breasts within a 6 to 7 week time period then Breastrogen might be what you are looking for.

Breastrogen Product

So What Exactly IS Breastrogen You Might Ask?

Breastrogen is a cream that is applied topically to your skin and which has been designed specifically to enhance your breasts without having to resort to expensive breast surgery, inconvenient exercise or push-up bras.

Users of Breastrogen massage 2-3 drops into their hand and then onto their every morning until the mixture is absorbed. It is odourless, so therefore no other person will know that you have been massaging your breasts in the morning, or any morning to enhance them.

How Does Breastrogen Work?

The main ingredient involved in Breastrogen is Pueraria Mirifica, a plant found in the northern parts of Thailand.

Pueraria Mirifica is known to contain various phytoestrogens, which in turn have been shown to mimic the effects of oestrogen, i.e. helps enhance your breasts by increasing the flow of blood to the breasts, expanding the fat tissues, milk ducts as well as resulting in firmer and well-shaped breasts.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes the product does have a guarantee, but stipulates a number of requirements that, is it worth making note of before using the product to provide the company with ‘base measurements’ or your breasts.

The company recommends that the product be used for a minimum of 45 days, before thinking about getting a refund, of which the claim has to be returned to the company by the 60th day after the purchase.

Can Anyone Use This Product?

Breastrogen is designed for women aged 21 and over, it contains naturally occurring products that should be safe to use.

However, they do suggest that women who are pregnant, lactating or might have estrogen-sensitive  gynaecological tumours and cysts avoid using this product.

If you are currently taking a birth control pill and are thinking about using this product it is worth checking with your doctor first, as there has not been sufficient data collected on the effects of estrogen based products with the birth control pill.

So Why Should You Use This Product?

As you know, the cost of breast surgery can be north of $5,000 and you will have to go through an evasive and sometimes dangerous surgical procedure. You may end up with scarring, numb breasts consistent pain which may lead to additional surgery having to be done.

By testing this product you will pay a fraction of that cost and you will be able to test the results over a two month period. If it doesn’t work, then the next best option would be to try alternative products out there on the market which may just work for you. Therefore, leaving surgery as a last option that could consider if all else fails.

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