Canadian Boob Jobs

Boob Jobs in CanadaWomen have boob jobs in Canada done for a wide variety of reasons. This is generally due to the desire to have larger breasts and better self-confidence, but it could also be due to breast cancer.

Whatever the reason, this surgery is one of the most common in Canada and throughout the world. Women from ages 18 and up can have it done as they desire. You can find out why women go ahead with Boob Jobs here.

How Much are Boob jobs in Canada?

There isn’t just one price when it comes to this type of procedure. Different doctors will charge different prices based on their location, what they have to offer and the patient’s medical information.

The average cost is $8,000, including anaesthesia and visits after. One of the most effective ways of finding a good price is by comparing prices between different surgeons around your area.

While medical care in Canada is free, this is an elective procedure that costs money. The only way for someone to get a free boob job would be by winning a contest or getting very lucky! Anyone who wants this procedure but cannot pay for it can take out a credit card or loans in order to cover the cost.

There are actually a lot of loans out there that are made just for individuals who want these types of procedures. They will come with high interest rates, but those can be lowered if you pay them off quickly.

Techniques for Breast Augmentation in Canada

Implants with either silicone or saline are the most common when it comes to getting a boob job. In order to put these in, the surgeon will cut open the breast and insert the implant. Saline implants are actually put into the breast tissue while they are still empty.

Once these are positioned correctly, the surgeon will fill these up with salt water until they are the size that the patient desired. From here, stitches are given to close up the wound where the implant was inserted at.

Implants that are made of silicone are put into the breast tissue while already filled up. The silicone that is inside of these is meant to feel just like human fat, which is mainly what breasts are made up of.

There are different sizes of implants, which the patient will decide on during their initial consultation. Once the implant has been placed into the breast area, it will be positioned before the surgeon closes the incision area with stitches.

One new technique that is gaining in popularity is the process of injecting fat into the breasts to increase their size. A lot of women like this because it doesn’t require an actual implant, only the fat from another area in their body.

The doctor does this with small tools that are easy to insert and take out of the body. This is a relatively new technique, so not all surgeons in Canada offer it.

Does Private Health Insurance Boob Jobs in Canada?

Breast augmentation is generally not covered under any type of health insurance. Cancer recovery is generally the only exception to this rule, and not all insurance companies follow it. The eligibility of the patient depends on their individual circumstances, the insurance plan they have and what coverage’s are available.

What Age Do You Have to Be?

In order to get a boob job you have to be 18 or older, or you have the consent of a guardian. There is no maximum age, although many surgeons won’t work on women when they reach a certain age.

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