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Boob Job CostsOne of the biggest things you have to consider when getting a boob job is how much it’s going to cost you. This surgery isn’t cheap and insurance will not pay for it, which means it will have to be covered by your own cash. Although it will be a lot of money out of your own pocket, most people say it’s worth the expense because of how it makes them feel. If you want to know the average costs of a Boob Job worldwide you can find that information at the bottom of the page.

Why are Boob Jobs So Expensive?

The price of this procedure has increased, mainly due to the heightened demand and introduction of better technology. In the past, women could get their breasts done for around $3,000 total, but that has now changed dramatically. Surgeons charge more, not only for the actual surgery, but also for recovery accommodations.

Prices may increase in the future, but in the U.S. the down economy seems to have halted the increase in boob job pricing. In fact, many surgeons are now offering discounts on this surgery, especially for those who pay with cash instead of credit.

This is an elective surgery for most people, which means they really don’t need to have it done for their health. Doctors know this and therefore will be able to get more money for it from their clients.

Their use of technology, anaesthesia, a medical staff and other things all affect how much the pricing is. You will find that is is possible to reduce the cost of increase the look of your breasts by opting for the Non-Surgical route to enhance your breasts.

Is There a Way to Save on Boob Job Costs?

As mentioned earlier, many surgeons, especially in the United States, are offering discounts for various reasons. There are also a lot of discount services that will offer discounts if you buy a voucher, but this depends on where you live.

Another way to save would be by going to an area that isn’t as expensive to get surgery in. For example, getting surgery in Beverly Hills, California would be more expensive than if you were to get it in Greenville, South Carolina.

The type of implant will also determine how much the cost of your boob job is. Of course if you have your eyes set on a specific type of implant, you probably won’t be willing to switch to another. This is when you can start comparing different surgeons to find one that will offer you the best all-inclusive pricing.

Try to opt out of any after care facility charges and have a friend or family member take care of you in their home instead. This can save you hundreds, but that depends on the doctor’s fees.

There are also rare instances where the cost of a boob job will be paid for by insurance, but these do not happen often. The main reason why insurances would cover the cost is if someone had cancer or another health reason why they needed them.

Eligibility will depend on where you live, your insurance company and your coverages. It’s also a good idea to compare prices of different surgeons. Some are far less expensive than others, which can mean the difference of thousands of dollars.

Boob Job Costs Throughout the World

  • In the United States the average cost is $5,000 – $10,000.
  • In the United Kingdom the average cost is £5,000 ($7500 USD).
  • In Canada the average cost is $6,000.
  • In Australia the average cost is $12,000.

If you feel these prices are on the expensive side and you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then why not read about the latest options available for non-surgical breast enhancement HERE

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