Facts about Male Breast Enhancement and How it Works

Male Breast EnhancementWomen aren’t the only ones who have questions about breast enhancement and how it works. There are an increasing number of men who also look into this subject when they want to increase their own breast size. There are a number of ways this can be done and all men have different needs.

The process of enhancement for males starts with a consultation with a plastic surgeon. From here the proper implants can be determined and the details of surgery can be discussed.

Male breast enhancement is generally different from the enhancement women have done. There are two methods that are distinctly different to what women have, firstly men might want to have silicone chest implants to enhance their look, while others may want to reduce their chest size surgically.

The latter is known as Male Chest Reconstruction and involves reducing the male breasts that have grown into breasts that appear to be similar to that of a woman.  Most men want to get implants to increase their pectoral size, but some want it for other reasons. Generally the implants men get are smaller due to the small amount of breast tissue available and thin skin on the breast area.

What are the Benefits of Male Breast Enhancement vs. Several Months of Exercise?

Men who want to increase the size of their pectoral muscles may start to work out very hard, only to find they aren’t achieving the results that they desire. Unfortunately, building pectoral muscles can be very difficult and almost impossible in some cases.

This is why men turn to enhancement to achieve the results and look that they want. Surgery is an option for men who want rapid results that give them the appearance they have been working towards for so long.

The main advantage of male breast enhancement surgery is that it’s fast and will result in the exact look that is desired. Men who exercise in order to increase their breast size aren’t going to see results for months, or at all, depending on their exercise regimen.

Exercise isn’t a guarantee at breast growth while surgery is, which is why so many men go for it after they don’t see the results that they desire.

How Much Does Breast Enhancement for Men Cost?

The cost in the United States for this procedure is around $5,000 and the average cost in Canada is around $6,000. The average cost in the UK is $7,000 and the average cost in Australia is around $8,000.

There are a number of factors that determine the cost, like the size of the implant, the medical history of the patient, special needs and where the implant goes in the pectoral muscle.

This sometimes can be a difficult surgery for doctors to perform because men don’t have the same breast tissue as women do. This means they can end up with more scarring as well as a lot of stretch marks. The risks of tearing or puncturing the implant increase because of these circumstances.

Generally a plastic surgeon is the professional who will do the surgery after a consultation is given. Any male considering enhancement for their breasts should look into their options before they get started. Visiting a plastic surgeon will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself. Doctors can even show you a computerized image of what you can expect to look like after healing is over.

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